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Welcome to the home of Rosie Balko Coaching; a community where all of you is accepted.

Healing our wounds can feel like a scary step … but it’s also incredibly brave. You might feel a little uncertain and that’s OK (and perfectly ‘normal’ too!) but you’re here; that in itself takes courage. You are worthy of investing energy into feeling validated, understood, and truly empowered. 

And that’s what coaching with me is all about. Using a gentle approach to spark your self curiosity, I'm here to help you discover how to live with confidence, with compassion, and with a deep knowing of your infinite worth. I will be your guide as we breakthrough the stories of your inner critic and instil a belief that everything you need to succeed, you already have within. Together, we will understand and overcome the mental blocks that hold you back, so you can create peace and softness in every aspect of your life.


You're looking for a space to explore and reflect without judgement or expectation;

You're seeking to understand your mind, feel at home in your body, and trust in yourself; 

You want to learn healthy and loving coping strategies for the challenges you encounter; 

You validate your emotions but need guidance to process them;

You have a deep knowing that you have the courage to heal and would like support along your journey.


Sometimes, life can feel confusing. We can go through experiences that don't make sense, make us feel stuck or trapped, or even seem too overwhelming to manage. When we encounter these challenges, our inner critic can become loud; we can be tempted to avoid or ignore our emotions; it can feel very lonely. Coaching is a way of guiding you in these moments so that you can find your way back home to yourself. 

Because the truth is, you are not alone. I promise that you can find your way back and I would love to help you get there. 


We will spend time understanding what you care about the most; what drives you forward? What motivates you? What or who inspires you? 

We will pay attention to your inner monologue; is it critical or kind? How does it speak to you? Is it your voice or someone else's? We will challenge your negative or limiting beliefs and create a new perspective, a new focus where a space for you to thrive exists. 

We will explore what causes you pain, what struggles you have experienced and understand how they have shaped you. It is here, we can create new habits, new beliefs, new ideas to powerfully heal your wounds and create lasting shifts in your confidence. 

I understand both professionally and personally how hard it can be to ask for help. As part of my training, I had many years of personal therapy and completely appreciate the anxiety that can arise when sharing our biggest fears and deepest vulnerabilities. I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm here to provide you with a safe space to heal; to help you discover your power; to help you feel 'un-stuck'; to know that you have always been enough; to realise you are loved and you are love, and you can create a life that reflects that. 


How can I help you? 


I offer 1:1 sessions Monday - Saturday, working with you at your preferred time and pace. During these sessions you will have permission to be real, raw and honest; I'll be there holding your hand through every moment. 


 This is your healing journey where you become your own light, your own truth, your own magic. A chance for you to step into your most empowered, most liberated, most joyful self. 

Areas where coaching can help you: 

  • Mindset and motivation

  • Anxiety and fear

  • Inner critic and self confidence

  • Relationships 

  • Grief and loss 

  • Setting boundaries and mastering communication

  • Self-acceptance and self-understanding 

  • Cultivating calm and self-compassion 

  • Adapting responses to triggers and challenges

  • Prioritising rest 

Hit the button below to book a FREE discovery call to chat through what would be the best fit for you.


I am also available to hold talks and workshops at events, training days, schools, or for small private groups. These are designed bespoke for you and can focus on topics from managing anxiety, prioritising rest, adapting stress responses, building confidence and more. For more details and a free discussion call, please complete the form below. 


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Available for Download

Find Your Belief, Set Your Goals

Do you find yourself wondering if there's more? Do you have big dreams but spend time feeling stuck? Do you hold yourself back from achieving your goals? This workshop guides you through a step by step process to work on building your self belief, begin to gain clarity and start truly LIVING. Download now for FREE!

The You Journal

Welcome to The You Journal; the journal that's all about YOU. How often do you truly give yourself time? It is so often that we think about how we can help others (a fantastic quality, of course!) yet we forget to give ourselves the same love. Writing is a way of processing our emotions. Sometimes, it is a more manageable step to write our thoughts down than to say them out loud. This journal provides you with a safe space to share your thoughts, along with prompts and ideas to help you listen to yourself and gain clarity on how you feel. Click the button below to get your hands on your FREE copy of The You Journal.

When we are too afraid to make mistakes ... that's how we stay stagnant.
View your most successful self and ask
"what would they do?"

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