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You know that feeling when you try something new? ...

Your body doesn't really know what skills to apply so everything feels a bit rigid...

You want to learn, to have fun, be carefree and just go for it...

But there's a little voice questioning you, making you feel small, foolish, ashamed.

The voice says things like:

"Do you reallllllly think you can do it?"

"This is unknown. You can't do this: ABORT!"

"Everyone's judging you right now, you know that don't you?"

"Aren't you going to feel so embarrassed when it goes wrong?"

"Surely you know you're not good enough for this by now?!"

Sometimes the voice wins.

"Yeah ... You're right," We say. "I was just kidding myself. Someone else should do it instead."

But other times ... We win.

We go for it. We try the thing. We give it a go. We realise it's fun! That those who are looking are not doing so with contempt but with admiration.

"If they can do it, maybe I can too" they think ...

Had you ever considered you might inspire somebody else to try too? 🔥🔥🔥

And then we realise the new thing wasn't too scary. It might not be perfect. It might be a bit wobbly, a bit unfinished, like a baby's first steps. But we're doing it; we're proving that voice wrong.

THAT'S what growing confidence is like.

When we've gone through life believing that voice, it thinks it's always going to win.

So when you pipe up and say "right, I'm going to believe in myself from today!" That little voice thinks "HA. NOPE!"

To breakthrough into confidence you have to question that voice right back, not belittling but with reassurance.

"Well what if you're wrong?

What if ... I am worthy?

What if ... I am good enough?

What if ... It's ok to mess up?

What if ... I am capable?

What if ... I am loved?

What if ... I can do it?"

Try using that confident voice today.

The first time might feel a bit wobbly ...

But the more you do it? The more you realise it's not scary.

The more you inspire.

The more you realise YOU CAN.

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