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Picture a moment where you've chosen ...

Picture a moment where you've chosen to do something purely because you want to do it.

It could be something simple like wearing an outfit or buying new bed sheets because you like the pattern ...

It could be going for a job interview in something that's brand new and feels super aligned with you and your goals ...

It could be choosing NOT to do something because it doesn't fit with what you want ...

It could be starting a new relationship or ending one that's run its course ...

It could be buying a one way ticket to live abroad to a place you've never been ...

It could be anything, as long as it's a time where YOU made the decision.

How did it feel?

Making choices that fit with YOUR goals, YOUR intentions, YOUR values is, in my opinion, literally one of the best possible feelings we can have.

It's a total soul yes because you're being true to YOU and doing what feels right in that moment.

A taste of perfection is letting go of every other possible thought and just listening to your intuition as you ask "what do I want?"

You feel connected.

You feel alive.

You feel joy.

And making choices, even the tough ones, are worth all of that.

YOU are worthy of it all.

What ideas and opportunities have you been mulling over for too long? What choices can you dedicate to YOU, now? 💭🤍✨

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