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Your ego may come along and warn you ...

"Watch out, you might get rejected here"

"They'll probably abandon you"

"You don't belong here"

"They don't care about you"

"You're hassling them"

"Don't bother ... It won't work out anyway"

"You'll probably get hurt, avoid it!"

"Just agree with them to make them like you, you'll never be liked if you're honest"

Welcome to TOTAL self sabotage.

Ironically, that inner part of you is trying to protect you. To save you from failure, being seen, from being disapproved of, being wrong, being judged or criticised ... Basically, just about anything that might be remotely uncomfortable.

But where's the growth? The excitement? The joy? You guessed it: right in that space outside of comfort.

Life is gonna include a little risk here and there and your ego isn't a fan. So it tries to convince you to stay where you are, to stay small, to stay believing that great things are impossible for you.

But here's the thing ... Your ego lies.

The positive intention is to look after you but, in the bigger picture, it doesn't do a very good job!

So let's clear a few things up ...

You are good enough to do this.

You are worthy of whatever your idea is.

You are worthy, period.

You are working at your own pace; there's no time limit or racing.

You will be ok if and when people judge you; it doesn't matter what they think.

You can learn new skills. Maybe you've never done this before but it doesn't mean you never will.

You don't need to be perfect. In fact, I strongly disagree with it. Perfection is overrated. I've made a lot more progress from when I've messed up.

You deserve it. Whatever "it" is for you, take it. It's yours. Create. Design. Build. Make it real. You are in charge of your reality.

You don't need to wait. You can start right now.

You don't need to have all the answers. Be willing. Be open. Be curious. Be you. You can discover what you need along the way.

Without owing anyone a thing;

Just by being, you are enough.

So ... are you making your decisions from love or from fear?

What lies are holding you back from creating the life you want? 💭

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